The solution against document fraud.

PapSign is the universal electronic signature, usable on any physical and virtual medium.

Secure your documents

No internet required

For physical and virtual documents

Easy verification

PapSign allows you to protect your documents against falsification and identity theft.

How does it work?

The PapSign signature is a DataMatrix 2 to 3 cm large that you can put on your document.

Generate the PapSign signature with the key information of the document you wish to protect.

A simple scan of the PapSign signature allows you to verify the protected data and the identity of the author.

PapSign can be automated from creation to verification thanks to its SDK.

What can PapSign do?

A few examples.

PapSign has big advantages when used on supporting documents. Not only does it protect against any kind of modification and falsification, but also provides ease of use for the holder. A PapSign signature, even copied, holds protective value. This means that users can use their copies like they were originals. PapSign can be integrated into any document production and processing system.

PapSign allows you to protect your bills from identity thieves and schemes like supplier fraud. Simply generate a PapSign signature containing the ammount, to whom it is addressed, the object of the transaction, the payment information and make sure your receiver knows the protection is required and contains the valid payment information. The signature will allow anyone to verify your identity, the date and the information you entered without any possibility of fakes.

Certificates, diplomas and other similar documents are often falsified. PapSign provides a simple way of verifying their authenticity. Simply encoding the object of certification and the receiver's identity protects it. The user will be able to scan, copy, send my email or fax the document while PapSign keeps it secure, removing the need for the original paper certificate.